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Early childhood education should be a higher priority April 10, 2008

Posted by kindergartenwatch in Introduction.
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Do you think every child in Washington deserves the best start possible through full-day kindergarten? Are you concerned about the availability and cost of full-day slots, and that state and local leaders aren’t acting fast enough to address the situation? If so, then this site is a place to share your concerns and ideas. 

Perhaps you are a parent who has had to “play the lottery” for a full-day kindergarten slot, and either been left in limbo, or lost out on a slot. As a result, are you scrambling for “Plan B,” because your neighborhood school can’t educate your child?

Do you believe there should be more open communication about kindergarten availability and the lottery system? If so, please keep coming back to read more posts or feel free to share your thoughts and experiences.

This blog is dedicated to seeking more support of early childhood education in Washington State. It will focus somewhat on the Puget Sound region, but will still be relevant to statewide funding issues.

Most of us wouldn’t bet our life savings on a lottery  — why should we take chances on which students have a better chance at succeeding? Our children’s future should not be left to chance.



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